Thursday, October 10, 2013


     SNOW AT YOKUMO BRIDGE (1930): by Hasui Kawase, from the series, "Nihon Fukei Shu II , Kansai hen" (Collection of Scenic Views of Japan - II, Kansai Edition). "Kobe, Nagata-jinja Yakumo-bashi". Yakumo Bridge at Nagata shrine in Kobe in a snowy day.

     Hasui Kawase is one of the best known artists of the "Shin Hanga" (new prints) movement. His prints, landscapes and townviews, were created in traditional Japanese style with Western elements. Hasui had a very close cooperation with the publisher Watanabe. In the fires following the devastating earthquake in 1923, over a hundred blocks produced so far, were destroyed. In 1956, one year before his death, the artist was declared a Living National Treasure.

     For a complete biography of Kawase, refer to A TASTE FOR UKIYO-E, A Snowy Night at Zojoji Temple.

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